Free delivery to uk orders over £30

Free delivery to uk orders over £30

Product Care


Our sunglasses are hand crafted from natural, eco-friendly bamboo.

Why is bamboo a good material to use?
Bamboo is fast growing, and once it has been cut it naturally regenerates itself. It can grow up to 20 metres in just under 2 months! It requires no pesticides, and as it is found in tropical climates with natural rainfall it requires no extra irrigation.

What else does bamboo do?
Apart from being eco-friendly and extremely light, bamboo floats. The temples on our sunglasses are hollow inside, but strong. If you dropped normal plastic or metal framed sunglasses they would often sink straight to the bottom. Probably resulting in an underwater doggy paddle to find them! Our sunglasses with their bamboo frame however, would float straight back to the top.  Read more about why we use bamboo.

We encourage you to wear our sunglasses in the sea or in a swimming pool. However we advise rinsing them with cold water after you have done so. Why?

When salt and pool chemicals sit on the lenses for too long, they will start to eat away at the coatings and can damage the lenses. Also, make sure never to wipe dried salt off the lenses because it will act like sandpaper and scratch the mirror. Just a quick rinse is all you need to keep them looking sharp!

-Wax-Cord Bracelets
We hope that our bracelets remind you of the little things in life. The little things are always the best!!! Colourful, stylish, smooth and 100% waterproof all our bracelets are individually handcrafted for our customers. The wax-coated cord allows you to wear your bracelet in the shower, in the swimming pool or at the beach. In fact we encourage it. Wearing your bracelets everyday only enhances the natural look and feel. They are as unique as the person wearing them!
As all bracelets are individually handcrafted each one is unique and therefore a slight variation of colour may occur.

We love our bracelets, and we hope that you love them too. Therefore if anything happens to your bracelet after our returns period is over, you can message us and we'll tell you the best way to fix it!

Size Guide
Small (S) 8/10 30/32 36/38
Medium (M) 12 32/34 38/40
Large (L) 14 36/38 41/42
Extra Large (XL) N/A N/A 43/44

Small (S) 36/38 94
Medium (M) 40/42 104
Large (L) 44/46 114

 Performance Shorts MEN'S SIZE (INCHES)
One size 32 - 38