Free delivery to uk orders over £30

Free delivery to uk orders over £30

Our Story

It started with losing a pair of our favourite sunglasses in the Mediterranean while on a family holiday. An hour of scrambling later we gave up. But then we came up with an idea.

Back in November 2015 Magni was founded by us, David and Jamie Stokes. Twin brothers with a passion for travelling, adventure and a love for the great outdoors. After graduating from university we were unsure what we would do next. So we decided to start our own business together and 'go for it'. With the help from a few friends and two years later, we're still here! We're proud have far we've come and strive to go even further. We're proud to say that we've shipped our products to customers on 5 continents, our sunglasses have featured in numerous surfing magazines and some of our favourite influencers have been caught wearing them! Our sunglasses float, are good for the environment, are sourced responsibly and we kinda like the look of them!

Our products have been made in 5 countries on 3 continents, each individually hand-picked because of their beautiful textiles, speciality materials and local artisan techniques. We're not dropshippers! Everything we sell is sourced by us, designed by us, made for us, sent to us, stocked by us and sent to you by us.
A lot of thought has gone into all of our products to make sure that everything that we sell, we really do love and we hope you really do too!

What does Magni mean? 'Magni' is the ancient Norse god of strength. The son of Thor Magni is the chosen god of adventurers and individuals wishing to attempt greats feats of bravery and adversity.
Become one of the Fyrd and feel what it's like to wear Magni. Go out and explore!!!! #officialmagni

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Size Guide
Small (S) 8/10 30/32 36/38
Medium (M) 12 32/34 38/40
Large (L) 14 36/38 41/42
Extra Large (XL) N/A N/A 43/44

Small (S) 36/38 94
Medium (M) 40/42 104
Large (L) 44/46 114

 Performance Shorts MEN'S SIZE (INCHES)
One size 32 - 38