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June 27, 2016


Thanks for giving up your time to read our first blog. We hope to blog frequently about various things that we hope can help you in your life. Sounds pretentious right? We aren’t experts on life coaching or anything like that so don’t take us too seriously. But stick with us, watch us get better!
So, we thought a good thing to blog about first was motivation because, like the start of our blog, it is the seed of greatness. Actually forget the generic lines, you need to be motivated in your life, it’s that simple. What is motivation? No-one really knows exactly other than the human need to accomplish a task or goal. Everybody has woken up at some point in their life and felt that they can take on the world; wouldn’t your life be better if you could wake up like that every day? Sure it would. You could accomplish so much more. This blog isn’t about us motivating you, it’s about us encouraging you to motivate yourself. After all, in your life, there will always be you.

I don’t like the phrase “everything will work itself out” or “it’s all part of a wider plan.” You can’t leave your dreams to something like fate. I believe that great opportunities present themselves to individuals and it is up to them to be brave and to take the chance. Just imagine yourself when you’re old and you’re looking back on your life. Will you regret not starting that business or not trying harder? Will your life flashing before your eyes consist mainly of ‘ifs’? It’s in YOUR hands not to let that happen. Just take a deep breath, be brave (do it with your eyes shut if you have to) and take the step.

Ignore all the motivational quotes overlapping picturesque backgrounds (yes ok we used one for this) they don’t work. If you have social media you’ve seen enough and have any turned your life around? Usually you wake up the next day and forget actually seeing it despite how much you thought it would help. That’s because everyone is different. YOU’RE different and everyone responds in different ways. Impatient people don’t like the whole “look at the bigger picture” and patient people don’t like to hear “your time is now”. Everyone is different. Think we’ve said different enough now, but our point is… do your own thing. Set a goal for yourself where you want to be in five years, leave that to one side and make realistic 12 month goals that will help accomplish your five year plan. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Too generic? Yes,maybe, but the principle stands. The greatest things take time because they are forged on solid foundations.
Life is scary at times sure, but don’t hide away from it. Embrace it, breath it and feel it otherwise what’s the point? If you don’t try then you don’t have the right to complain. Don’t just focus on the goal though, you’re not a horse with blinkers. Look around you and appreciate the things that you have while you work towards the things you want.

Just fight, and keep moving forward.
Remember, it’s up to you how your story will end.

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